Low Calorie Foods

Low Calorie Foods: What is the definition of a calorie?
Calories can be defined, in a simple manner, as a measurement of energy, not fat. Food produces heat when it's metabolised and the energy's measured in kilocalories. The scientific name for calories is kilocalories which is commonly abbreviated to kCal.

This free online guide to counting Foods low is calories provides important information and nutritional data about different types of foods including low calorie fruits, low calorie vegetables, low calorie meats, low calorie fish, low calorie dairy foods including eggs and other foods such as bread, pasta and low calorie snacks.

Calories are burnt off during exercise - please refer to the exercise chart further down this page to check how many the amount of kilocalories burned during different types of exercise and sports include swimming, running, bike riding, spin, walking and cardio workouts.



Low Calorie Foods: Average Calorie Intake

The recommended calorie allowances per day follow different guidelines for adults depending on gender, and children depending on age and gender. The current recommendations for adult Men and Women per day and week are:

Adult Male Man 2550 calorie allowance a day
Adult Male Man 17850 calorie allowance a week

Adult Female Woman 1940 calorie per day
Adult Female Woman 13580 calories per week

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Low Calorie Foods: Health Benefits of Foods

Most fruits and vegetables are types of foods which have low calorie values. The links to the left will lead you to information about low calorie  foods including low calorie meat, fish, dairy food products, vegetables, fruits, bread and wheat and foods high in calories including fast foods.

This free online low calorie foods guide provides important nutritional data about low calorie foods including the nutritional value and health benefits of eggs, fruits, veg and low calorie foods.


Low Calorie Foods: Food and Exercise
Please refer to the exercise chart below which provides a guide to the average amount of calories burned during different types of exercise, activities and sports. The amount can vary depending on weight and high or low impact of the exercise workout activity. The body burns more calories with high impact sport. The table refers to the calories burnt per hour:

Type of exercise / sport Calories - p/hr Type of exercise / sport Calories - p/hr
Run, Running - 7 miles


Bike, Biking, Cycle, Cycling 560-835
Jog, Jogging -  5 miles 472-745 Yoga, Stretching


Swim, Swimming (moderate)


Aerobics Workout (general)


Walk, Walking (3 miles mod) 195-307 Weight Lifting, Training



Low Calorie Foods:
Recommended calories in foods per day:
Male Adult 2550 calories per day from foods
Male Adult 17850 food calories per week
Female Adult 1940 food calories per day
Female Adult 13580 food calories per week
Average food calorie intake a day
Exercise - how many burned in a mile / hour
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


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