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Picture of a glass of milk and a block of cheese


Picture of a glass of milk and a block of cheese

Calories in Dairy Foods

Calories in Dairy Foods - Definitions
Calorie can be defined as a measurement of energy, not fat. Nutritional data tables often abbreviate kilocalorie to kCal. Dairy products can be defined as food produced from milk.

This free guide details Information and facts about counting Calories in Dairy Foods, including milk, eggs, butter, cream and yogurt. There is information about the nutritional value, health benefits and the amount of calories in dairy foods via the links to the left. This food group provides vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as protein and calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth, and overall good health and well-being.

It's easy to burn calories during exercise workouts. There is a calorie exercise chart on the home food page with a guide to kilocalories burned during different types of exercises and sports include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, running, biking and cardio workouts.



Calories in Dairy Foods - Calorie Intake

The daily and weekly calorie allowance for men, women and kids depend on the gender and weight of the person. The approximate guidelines for adult Men and Women are as follows:

Adult Man 2550 calories allowance per day
Adult Male 17850 calories allowance a week

Adult Woman 1940 calories a day
Adult Female 13580 calories per week

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Calories in Dairy Foods: Health Benefits
The amount of calories in dairy products depends on the variety, the way it's made, the ingredients the food is made with and the milk product used - e.g. whole milk, semi-skimmed, skimmed, reduced fat, pasteurised, UHT long life etc. Select from the list on the left to find out more important Information and facts about different types of dairy foods.

A very important fact about this food group is that this it's high in calcium and contains protein. This is a good food group which provides an excellent source of essential nutrients and minerals.


Calories in Dairy Foods Chart
The following Calories in Dairy chart lists some of the main types of dairy foods. Eggs are not always classed as dairies as they are not produced from milk, however, many people still refer to them within this group of foods:

Type of Dairy

Calories per 100 grams

Type of Dairy Calories per 100 grams
Butter (salted and unsalted)


Custard (low fat) 70
Cheese (cheddar, reduced fat) 273 Egg (boiled)


Cream (single)


Milk (whole)


Cream Cheese 103 Yogurt (low fat fruit)



Calories in Dairy Foods
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Male Adult 2550 kcals per day
Male Adult 17850 food calorie per week
Female Adult 1940 food calories per day
Female Adult 13580 food calories per week
Average food calorie intake a day
Highest and Lowest Food Calories
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


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Calories in Dairy


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