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Picture of salmon steak with salad dressing

Calories in Fish

Calories in Fish
Calories can be defined as a measurement of energy. Fish and seafood have a calorie content, some types more than others. Weight loss can be obtained with calorie controlled diets; counting how many kilocalories in foods are consumed per day. Setting a daily limit to reach target weight (the scientific name and abbreviation for calories is kilocalorie kCal).

This is a free guide to nutritional information and counting Calories in Fish. We provide  important  details, nutritional facts, health benefits, including protein data, and information about different types of fish, shell fish and seafood including cod, salmon steak, sardines, tuna, tilapia, calamari, crab, lobster, muscles, prawns and squid.

Hundreds of calories can be burned during just one hour of exercise - check out our calorie exercise chart on our home page to check how many kilocalories burned during sports and exercise include jogging, swimming, cycling, running, walking, biking and cardio workouts.


Calories in Fish - Calorie intake per day/week

Gender and weight mainly determine the daily and weekly recommended calorie allowance for men, women and kids. The following guidelines for adult Men and Women are an approximation:

Adult Man 2550 calories allowance per day
Adult Male 17850 calories allowance a week

Adult Woman 1940 calories a day
Adult Female 13580 calories per week

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Calories in Fish - Health Benefits of Fish

Various cooking methods determine the amount of calories in Fish and Seafood. Healthier cooking methods reduce the amount of calories and fat. The list of fish and seafood on the left provides further info and a detailed guide to calories, health benefits and the nutritional value of this food type.

An Important fact about Fish is its high protein content. It is considerably higher in protein than many other foods excluding meat - important food group with an excellent source of protein.


Calories in Fish Chart
The following Calories in Fish chart lists some of the main and most common types of fish dishes and seafood. Please see information about specific food items for info on nutritional value and health benefits. The following chart is a basic guide to the most common types:

Type of Fish

Calories per 100 grams

Type of Seafood Calories per 100 grams
Salmon (grilled fillet)


Crab (boiled) 128
Sardines (canned in oil) 220 Lobster (boiled)


Tilapia (cooked)


Muscles (boiled)


Tuna (canned in brine) 99 King Prawns (raw and peeled)



Calories in Fish
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Male Adult 2550 kcals per day
Male Adult 17850 food calorie per week
Female Adult 1940 food calories per day
Female Adult 13580 food calories per week
Average food calorie intake a day
Highest and Lowest Sea Food Calories
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


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Calories in Fish


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