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Calories Index


How Many Calories?

100g raw 57 calories

25 blueberries 20 calories


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Which Vitamins?
Vitamin B2, B3, B5
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin K

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Which Minerals?

Dietary Fibre


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picture of brightly colored citrus fruit slices


Calories in Blueberries

How many calories are there in Blueberries?
Blueberries are often referred to as wonderberries or super fruits as their health benefits are outstanding. This type of berry is low in calories and provides a range of vital vitamins including B vitamins - B2, B3 and B5. Vitamins C, E and K. This combination of vitamins offer many benefits including a strong immune system, healthy skin, more energy, improved mood and concentration.

Calories in one hundred grams of Blueberries = 57

This calorie guide is based on one hundred grams of Blueberries. The following Information and facts include a calorie guide, interesting nutritional data and the health benefits of Blueberries as well as calorie counting. This berry fruit makes an ideal snack and can eaten as part of a calorie controlled diet.



Calories in Blueberries
The following guide provides calorie information and interesting facts about blueberry calories (also called blaeberries, whortleberries, whinberries):

  • approximately 20 calories in 25 Blueberries
  • 57 calories in 100 grams of Blueberries

The recommended daily calories for adult males is around 2550 and 1940 for females. This fruit provides excellent health benefits, nutritional value and slow release of energy throughout the day.

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Calories in Blueberries - Fruit Facts
Blueberries provide low calories and a rich source of essential vitamins which fight illness by strengthening the immune system.
This fruit is good for battling against depression, stress and anxiety.

This berry fruit is very low in calories and has many other health benefits and essential vitamins including B vitamins, vitamin C, E, K - these vitamins act as an antioxidant, protect the health of skin - clearing spots and blemishes, and encourage a strong and healthy immune system.


Calories in Blueberries Chart

This free Blueberry Calories chart lists various serving methods and weights including and raw, fresh Blueberry and an average portion of around twenty-five blueberries.
The lists on the left provide nutritional data, interesting information and calorie facts. This chart provides a basic calorie guide to this fruit:

Fruit Description


Fruit Description


25 blueberries


100g Raw, fresh Blueberries 57

Calories in Blueberries
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Man 2550 kcals per day - healthy fruits
Men 17850 food calories per week
Woman 1940 food calorie per day
Women 13580 food calorie per week
Average food calorie intake from fruit
High and Low Fruits / Blueberry Calorie
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


Video - Healthy Blueberries



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Calories in Blueberries


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