Calories in Fruit

Calories in Fruit

The definition of a calorie can be described as a measurement of energy, not fat. The scientific calorie name is a kilocalorie which is also abbreviated to kCal.

This is a useful guide to counting how many kilocalories there are in Fruit which is free and online to provide the most important facts, nutritional information and data about the most common types of Fruit including citrus, tropical, exotic, frozen, organic, fresh, dried, raw and cooked - the nutritional data, health benefits, values and amount in Fruit within this variety of fruit groups.

Exercise burns a lot of kcals. There is an exercise chart on the foods home page providing guidance to the amount of kilocalories burned during different varieties of sport and exercise include cycling, walking, running, jogging, aerobics workouts and weight lifting.



Calories in Fruit - Calorie Intake

The daily calorie intake recommended for adults and children depend upon on gender and weight. The current guidelines for adult Men and Women per day and week are as follows:

Adult Man 2550 kilocalories per day
Male Adult 17850 kilocalories per week

Adult Woman 1940 kilocalories per day
Female Adult 13580 kilocalories per week

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Calories in Fruit - Health Benefits

Many types of Fruit are low calorie with extremely high nutritional value and health benefits which are provided through the natural vitamin content of the fruit.

The list of Fruit on the left include the most common and popular types. Choose any fruit from the list to discover facts, nutritional data and interesting information about calories in Fruit. Each fruit is different and provide unique benefits - discover amazing facts about fruits.


Calories in Fruit Chart
This free Fruit Calorie chart lists some of the most common types of fruit. More calorie information is available on the individual fruit pages with relevance nutritional  health benefits of and values. This chart provides a basic guide to the most popular fruit:

Type of Fruit

Calorie Count 100 grams

Type of Fruit Calorie Count per 100 grams


Melon (varies with variety) 19-31
Banana 95 Orange






Lemon 19 Strawberry



Calories in Fruits
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Male Adult 2550 calorie per day
Male Adult 17850 food calorie per week
Female Adult 1940 food calorie per day
Female Adult 13580 food calorie per week
Average food calorie intake a day
Highest and Lowest Fruit / Fruits Calorie
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


Video - Healthy Fruits

The following video is a slide show of photographs and pictures of fruits including different types such as tropical, organic, fresh, citrus, exotic variety of fruits.



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Calories in Fruit


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