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Calories Index


Calories in a Grapefruit:

100g Grapefruit 30

Half a Grapefruit 36


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Vitamins in Grapefruit:
Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C

picture of brightly colored citrus fruit slices


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picture of brightly colored citrus fruit slices


Calories in a Grapefruit

How many calories are there in a Grapefruit?

Grapefruit is a healthy citrus fruit which contains low
calories and has outstanding health benefits, and nutritional value, as the fruit is very high in vitamins including vitamins A, B12 and C. It also contains important nutrients including dietary fibre, magnesium and potassium. The vitamin C content of this low calorie fruit is exceptionally high.

Calories in one Grapefruit = 72 to 104 Calories

This guide is based on one Grapefruit which will vary slightly depending on its size. The following information provides facts and important nutritional data including the potential health benefits and nutritional value of a Grapefruit as well as counting Calories in this citrus fruit - please refer to the calorie list further down this page.



Calories in a Grapefruit - Red, Pink, White
The following information can be used as a guide to calories in this Grapefruit citrus fruit:

  • 30 calories in 100 grams of raw fruit flesh
  • 36 calories in half a serving (123 grams)

The recommended daily calories for an adult male is around 2550 and 1940 for females so as you can see this fruit has low calorie content. The high low calorie content of this citrus fruit can help you lose weight healthily, forming part of a calorie controlled diet.

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Calories in a Grapefruit - Varieties and Facts

There are several common varieties of red and pink Grapefruits. The names of some of the most popular type of Grapefruits are American varieties of citrus fruits:

Sweetie Grapefruit which is an American variety also called Oroblanco. There's a ruby red type which comes from Florida and is known by the names of Florida and Indian River.

There are approx 30 calories in 100g serving.


Calories in a Grapefruit Chart

This free Calories in Grapefruit chart lists different fruit sizes, red and pink types served raw without sugar.
Please see the lists to the left for more nutritional data, interesting information and calorie facts. This chart provides a basic calorie guide to this particular citrus fruit:

Fruit Description

Calorie in 100 grams

Fruit Description Calorie in 100 grams
Raw, pink and red, 100 grams 30 Raw, half serving, pink and red 36
Canned in juice 48    

Calories in a Grapefruit
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Man 2550 kcals per day - citrus fruits
Men 17850 food calorie per week
Woman 1940 food calorie per day
Women 13580 food calories per week
Average food calorie intake from fruit
Highest and Lowest Citrus Fruit Calorie
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


Video - Healthy Grapefruit



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Calories in a Grapefruit


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