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Calories Index



1 fruit unit 60 Calories

100 grams 40 Calories


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Vitamin A
Vitamin C

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Nutrients / Other: 
Dietary Fibre


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Calories in a Peach

How many calories are there in a Peach?

Peach is a healthy fruit as it is
low in calories, in fact, this stone fruit is is similar to nectarine, without the smooth skin, but still provides a good source of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin A, B and C, and nutrients such as potassium, fibre, magnesium and iron. This low fat stone fruit can assist weight loss as it's a source of dietary fibre.

Calories in one Peach = 60

This guide is based on one Peach; the weight of an average size fruit is about 150 grams. The following information includes important nutritional facts and data regarding health benefits and nutritional value of a Peaches and info about counting Calories in a Peach - please refer to the calorie list further down this page.



Calories in a Peach
The following information can be used as a guide to calories in Peach:

  • 60 calories in a Peach
  • 40 calories in 100 grams of Peaches

The recommended daily calories for an adult male is around 2550 and 1940 for females so as you can see this fruit has low calorie content. The fibre in Peaches can encourage weight loss in a healthy way, forming part of a low calorie diet.

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Calories in a Peach - Benefits and Facts

This low calorie stone fruit has many health benefits, it's nutritional value is good because the fruit is not only low in calories, but is also low in fat. It provides a good source of dietary fiber to help keep the digestive system functioning optimally.

There are approximately 60 calories in a medium size Peach fruit. It's a very healthy type of fruit containing vitamins A, B and C which can provide many wonderful health benefits.


Calories in a Peach Chart

This free calorie in fruit chart details different fruit servings and weights.
Please see the lists to the left for more nutritional data, interesting information and calorie facts including the different nutrients, minerals and vitamins that this low calorie fruit provides.

This calorie counting chart provides a fast overview and calorie guide to this fruit:

Type of Peaches

Calories in a Peaches

Type of Peaches Calories in Peaches
Calories in one peach


Calories in 100g of peach 40

Calories in a Peach
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Man 2550 kcals per day - healthy fruits
Men 17850 food calorie per week
Woman 1940 food calorie per day
Women 13580 food calorie per week
Average food calorie intake from fruit
Highest, Lowest Fruits / Peaches Calorie
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


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Calories in a Peach


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