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Picture of a variety of Fruits


Calories in Salad

Calories in Salad
Calorie definition - a measurement of energy, as opposed to fat, also known by the scientific name  kilocalorie, which is commonly symbolized by the abbreviation of kCal.

This is a nutritional and informative guide to counting Calories in Salad. Our online nutritional data is provided for free and details the most important information, interesting facts, health benefits and data about the most common types of Salad ingredients including lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, celery, radish, watercress. More information regarding food items such as onion and grated carrot can be found under vegetables.

In addition, we have provided nutritional details and the calories in different types of salads such as chicken caesar, tuna, garden, green, summer, egg, Greek, pasta, fruit, seaweed, spinach and potato. Select from the list on the left to find out information about the health benefits and the amount of Calories in salad ingredients and popular types of salads.


Calories in Salad - Calorie Intake

The daily calorie intake which is recommended for adults and children varies upon gender and weight. The current daily and weekly guidelines for adult Men and Women are approximately:

Adult Man 2550 calories allowance per day
Male Adult 17850 calories allowance a week

Adult Woman 1940 calories a day
Female Adult 13580 calories per week

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Calories in Salad - Health Benefits of Salad

Most salad ingredients are low in calories an provide high nutritional value and excellent health benefits as they're packed with vitamins and minerals which significantly improve health.

The list of Salad items on the left include the most popular and common types. Choose any food item from the list to learn important facts, nutritional data and important information about calories in salad. Each variety provides different vitamins and benefits - discover interesting facts about fruits.


Calories in Salad Chart
The following online Calories in Salad chart is free and lists the most common food products. Further information can be found via the links to the left with reference to salad calories, nutritional health info and benefits. This chart is a basic guide to calories in salad:

Type of Salad / Food

Calories per 100 grams

Type of Salad / Food Calories per 100 grams


Coleslaw (reduced fat 89) 181
Cucumber 10 Potato Salad




Florida Salad


Onion 36 Pasta Salad (Italian)



Calories in Salad
Recommended calorie intake per day:
Male Adult 2550 calories per day
Male Adult 17850 food calories per week
Female Adult 1940 food calories per day
Female Adult 13580 food calories per week
Average food calorie intake a day
Highest and Lowest Salad Calories
How many kilocalories burnt with exercise


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Calories in Salad


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